A Gentleman’s Guide to Autumn CarnivalAuthor - Farage / Date of post - March 30, 2012

There is a crisp autumn chill in the air he notes as he ponders his outfit choice; smiling at his reflection as he views the ensemble he remarks “Marvelous & perfectly set for this fine sporting day”.  Fastening his watch as he walks toward the door he stops turns & notices the form guide on the bench through the corner of his eye, he grabs it smiling and with a spring in his step this dapper gentleman sets out onto the pavement and makes his way trackside.

An attention to detail is the key to a True Gentleman winning trackside. From donning the perfect suit to reviewing the odds, bets on that our step by step guide to the Autumn Carnival will have you captivating the scene this racing season …


1. How a Gentleman chooses his suit for the races

There are countless sartorial options available to the modern gentleman when he comes to select his suit for race day.  Tonal shades of grey, blue hues and deep navies are perfect for autumn carnival, be careful to avoid solid black as it tends to look too heavy during the day. A three piece suit should be his first choice or he may take the lead with the modern double breasted jacket – The window pane check, chalk stripe and interesting textures along with peak lapels or patched pocket detail will add a sense of occasion making it perfectly suitable trackside attire.


2. The true Gentleman has a keen eye for detail

The stylish gentleman dresses with a sense of occasion at the races focusing on statement pieces like hats, ties and pocket squares.  A luxe pallet of smoky hues with muted grey and rich navy can be accented with pops of color; while prints, checks and stripes in tonal shades add the festive touch necessary for such an event.  The tie knot is crucial to setting the tone & for his race day outfit the Windsor works best; a gentleman will always choose to wear a French cuff shirt for the track and he never forgets to fasten with his cufflinks for a touch of class and he completes his look with a flawlessly polished shoe.


3. How a Gentleman wins at the races

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about horse racing is that no one knows who is going to win any given race at any given time.  A gentleman does his research first and here we offer a few handy tips to help him pick a winner…

The form guide is the ‘Go To’ for all statistics and facts about a horses past performances – it’s quite detailed and requires a bit of concentration so best reviewed at the earlier part of the day. Some key facts to consider

  • Whether your horse has won any races recently & if so was it on the same or a similar track
  • If your horse has beaten or lost to its rivals in the race before
  • The weight your horse is carrying compared to previous races – is he up or down significantly
  • Who is the Jockey and how is his track record – what weight is he carrying

Trackside the Parade Ring enables punters to view the horse before they race – an advantage provided you know what to look for – start with a good muscle tone or ’condition’, shiny coat bright eyes, forward pointing ears and an alert manner.


4. Odds on Favourite

Next up Gentlemen, it’s time to analyze the information collected – compare the odds and make a sound judgment on what to bet, what type of bet to place and how much to bet. Now whilst Kin Hubbard so fittingly put it the safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket” Gents you’ve got to be In It to Win It so what to consider…

  • The odds offer
  • The value of the odds
  • What to Bet and How to Bet


5. All set for Race Day


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