Shaken Not StirredAuthor - Farage / Date of post - January 10, 2012

The bar is faintly grey under a dim smoky haze, the noise ambient with murmured conversation; the mood is distinguished as evening approaches. In he walks, cigar in hand … captivating he demands attention as he journeys intently toward the bar – ‘Sir!’ he suggests ‘… I’ll have a Martini – shaken not stirred’ …

A fine cocktail fixed expertly by a supreme bar tender is one of life’s keen pleasures.   Without question, the undisputed king of cocktails is the Martini. Clean, clear and simple – its the perfect drop for the classic gentleman at any time of day.

Created in America around 1910, the drink rose in popularity all through prohibition, probably because it was simple to make, using very few ingredients, and yet had enough flavor to conceal the cheap bathtub gin of the time. Made truly famous by Franklin Roosevelt who chose to toast the end of prohibition on the steps of congress with martini in hand, this most classic of cocktails is today most synonymous with the words ‘The name’s Bond.  James Bond’.


75ml Gin

15ml Dry Vermouth

1 green olive

Into a mixing glass, toss a handful of ice cubes – then pour in the Gin and the Vermouth.  Shake well & strain into a martini glass.  To finish, drop a green olive into the bottom of the glass (make it dirty with a splash of olive brine.


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