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There is no denying the cool of Iva Davies – a clear visionary and proven rock star Iva is a true modern day gentleman – as inspiring in nature as he is in character.  In the middle of the busy festival season as he & his band get set to fly to the US on a promotional tour, Iva took time out to chat all things style and we find out really what it is that makes this rock Icon tick …

How would you describe your style?

Over all I’d say ‘conservative’. In general terms I’d rather be associated with something that has a classic style, rather than cutting edge. That not only applies to clothes but even things like the space I live in. I have a beach house, and it is minimal, elegant, and a classic open house placed in such a way as to maximize its position. I am surrounded by a lot of houses that are grander statements in terms of their architecture and style, but I am convinced that they will perpetually have to update themselves in order not to date, and I think that is the advantage of remaining a little conservative, and to be always aware of what has a timeless quality

You’ve been in the music industry for 30 years, how would you say your sense of style evolved over this time?

Even at the beginning, which was a very highly fashion period, we in the band took a conservative approach, and deliberately avoided attaching ourselves to some of the most conspicuous stylist references of the time. That not only applied to the look of the band but the sound of the music, the artwork of the records, and so on. That policy, keeping a little distance from what was the current style, has been a pretty consistent policy right up to the present. So I suppose my ‘style’ hasn’t really evolved at all, although it has changed it has always been marked by the reluctance to buy into a current trend in a wholesale way.

Whose style do you consider iconic?

Well there are many stylistic icons, of course. For a rock & roll musician it would be very hard to top Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones, although his style was something I never considered applying to me.

Who/what would you say is your biggest influence when it comes to style?

Once again – anyone who carries with them a certain elegance.  Anyone, for example, who wears a suit well is always impressive. That could be anyone from Humphrey Bogart to George Clooney.

What would you say was your biggest fashion mistake?

I had a shirt constructed that consisted of geometrical panels of blue sequins, which clipped together in variable ways. It was such a disaster it became a feature in New Idea. I’d rather forget about that but it’s still mentioned from time to time, much to my embarrassment?

What is one item that you simply can’t live without?

Alas, I’m sorry to admit that it could be my mobile phone.

How do your style choices differ when you’re on stage from when you’re in your downtime?

They differ surprising little, in fact. One of my greatest considerations in relation to stage wear is the practicality of it. If I’m not comfortable then that will impede a performance, and it’s all about the performance to me, not just what I look like.

What is playing on your IPod at the moment?


Where can we find you when you’re not on tour?

At my house on a Fijian Island, or relaxing at home staring at the ocean.

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